I want to be unmovable and unshakable

So let my roots go down deep

Unmovable and unshakable in You

I want to be like a tree

Planted by the streams of living water

                        -”Tree” by Justin Rizzo 

By Chris Carr

There is a tree that doesn’t doubt or fret in the heat or the drought.  It just goes right on producing fruit in every season.  The righteous are like that tree (Jeremiah 17).  Just like that tree, the righteous know their source. The river flows just beside the fruiting tree.  And the more roots the tree sends out, the better watered it is.  In the seasons of scarcity, the tree sends its root system out even deeper.  When we trust in God fully, we are just like that tree.

In stark contrast, is the man who trusts in man. This seemingly strong one is actually like a shrub in the parched, salt land.  The dry desert exhibits its barrenness, and the tumbleweed is unwilling to relinquish its supposed freedom. Instead of turning toward God, this man withholds his life from God. How terrible to end up with all of you, when you could have had all of Him!

The righteous man must surrender his strength to be planted by the living waters.  The seed must die (John 12). Then the tree must grow for a time in hiddenness beneath the ground, and then in lowliness of stature as a tender shoot, unremarkable and unpraised (Philippians 2). Even once the tree branches out and gains height, it still must grow in unseen ways to remain upright.  The tree must dig deep with its roots pressing into the hard ground, pushing past the rocks. It still has to endure all the seasons, but it isn’t alone. God is ever abiding. He is a continuous fountain of life.  The fruit is a product of the seasons, and the years He takes us through.  It gives a witness and a testimony of Jesus, demonstrating whose life truly flows through our veins.

God says He searches our hearts and tests our minds to see what is inside and to give to each of us accordingly (Jeremiah 17).  What a blessing and what a reward to be found fruitful!


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