Who We Are

Awakening Fires seeks to establish a culture founded on family, prayer, hard work and real love. Our desire is to bring God’s presence to the hard places of Macon, GA.

Establishing Culture

We are a community of families seeking to establish a culture founded on hard work and real love. As we seek to love God we are able to love those He sends us to serve. As we learn to put self-preservation and our own desires aside, those around us experience true family in a healthy and loving atmosphere.

History and Vision

Awakening Fires began as a dream to bring God’s presence to the hard places of Macon. For five years, we set up tents in some of the more problematic neighborhoods throughout Macon. During week-long events, we sought His heart for these locations and engaged with the community through praise, worship, and intercession. In 2014, through miraculous provision, our first Hope Center was established.


Our desire is to follow in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, the tent maker, by becoming a self-sustaining ministry. As we rely on the direction and provision of the Holy Spirit, many of our families are establishing small businesses to help in funding the work to which God has called us, as well as to provide employment opportunities to those in the community. Though we are continuing to move toward this goal, currently the programs and activities we do could not exist without generous donors. Please consider joining us financially in bringing reformation to our city.