When God gives you a directive, He is giving you freedom to run! In 2010, God gave Awakening Fires a clear directive; “Bring My presence to the hard places of Macon through prayer, praise and intercession. And when I tell you to, preach.” I have seen freedom expressed in such beautiful ways because of this directive. Early on we saw many hard places throughout Macon and we humbly sought for His presence to come to the people there. Soon after, we began to see that “the hard places” were our own hearts and we desperately sought the Lord for His presence to soften that ground. Now we are seeing that through prayer, praise and intercession He is bringing His presence, through us, to where He wants His name known.

This is who we are….

We are reminded over and over again that it is not about the right program or the best sermon, but about His presence calling us to repentance and changing us. Programs often produce constraints and constraints prohibit freedom. His presence is changing us. His presence is changing others. His presence WILL change this city! He has given us the freedom to run and I am going to run! Will you join me? Our House of Prayer is open, come pray with us!

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