In addition to reaching out to the families of the Fort Hawkins neighborhood, we also provide many opportunities for the youth of all ages to nurture their souls, bodies, and minds.

Growth for the soul is provided throughout the week on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, and Sunday mornings. Tuesday nights is a time to meet with our teens to develop qualities of true leaders. On Thursday nights, we facilitate interactions and biblical discussion for all of our youth. Sunday mornings begin with a family-style breakfast, teachings and group discussions. During the summer, our young people look forward to a week-long stay at Camp Grace, a camp specifically for underprivileged, inner-city kids.

Through our sports programs, we seek to provide true discipleship. We currently offer martial arts and soccer with hopes for more sports programs in the future.

Through some generous donations, we are able to offer our young people a high school experience at a local private school as well as the opportunity to attend a Christian college here in Georgia. We strive to actively assist the kids we have in their academics as we walk alongside each of them as family.