Macon School of Worship

FREE weekend intensive for worship leaders and musicians.


January 19-20, 2018

Macon School of Worship

FREE weekend intensive for worship leaders and musicians.

January 19-21, 2018

Our vision is to see the name of Jesus be lifted high in the city of Macon, GA and throughout the whole Earth.

We believe that the Spirit of God is issuing a call to worshipers all over the earth to lead a generation into the glory and presence of God! His presence in the hardest and darkest places will accomplish exceedingly more than our best earthly efforts. We believe worshipers are being called to more than just a Sunday and Wednesday service experience, but to release the heart of God over our cities and even unto the nations of the earth. This is our first ever School of Worship open to the public. As our first one, God has spoken clearly to give this as a first fruits offering to Him. That means that this School of Worship will be free to all!

Led by worship leaders and musicians from across our city.

LeAnn Nichols

LeAnn Nichols

Christ Chapel Macon

LeAnn Nichols has a total of sixteen years of worship leading experience. Ten of those years was spent leading worship at Christ Chapel in Macon, Ga, where she led a band and vocal team of 7-15 people. She also mentored worship leaders from other CC campuses. LeAnn received three years of music education at Western Michigan University. During her worship experience, she has recorded two albums. LeAnn is married to local entrepreneur, Brian Nichols, and together they have 4 children. More recently, God has called her to share her time with others in service, as a volunteer and a co-laborer in the family businesses. “But,” she confesses, “the love of worship to Almighty God will always continue.” LeAnn believes that authentic worship highlights truth. When we surrender ourselves in worship, whether in song, word, or action, the Holy Spirit reveals God in a way that overshadows the world and God’s glory is seen. There is nothing like those moments. LeAnn further shares that worship brings honesty, transparency, freedom, and joy. God’s heart is so pleased.

Chris Carr

Chris Carr

Awakening Fires Ministry

Chris Carr has ten years of experience leading worship in churches, small groups, conferences, and houses of prayer. She has received both piano and vocal training. Along with her husband, she has recorded two albums. She is a wife and a mom of three amazing children. She lives with her family in east Macon and assists her husband in his role to establish a house of prayer in the inner city. She desires for the Bride of Christ to realize they are individual arks created to carry the presence of God. Chris believes that music is prayer and that in worship, we agree with God about who He is and what He promised to do.

Torri Murphy

Torri Murphy

Awakening Fires Ministry

Torri Murphy has led worship for ten years at several local churches as well as Seacoast Church in Charleston, SC. Her music training is vast including professional voice and piano lessons as well as voice and performance training through Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ. She received further year-long training from agents and vocal coaches from around the country while performing in Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ’s SHINE event. She also attended Seacoast School of Worship for nine months and was trained in voice, piano, guitar, and worship leading.

Torri is newly wed as of this past spring. She and her husband are expecting their first baby next summer. Torri shares that intimacy and authenticity with the Lord is foundational for worship. It is her desire that the Father would find true worshippers from the heart and not just talented musicians. She believes that when worship leaders connect to the Lord apart from performance and striving in their own strength, it creates a safe place for the Body to follow.

Trevor Ward

Trevor Ward

Mulberry United Methodist

Trevor Ward has been involved with worship from a young age starting with church choirs and Christmas programs. In his mid-teens, he really began pursuing various avenues of worship. His first experience leading worship was for a large youth group at Real Life Church in Macon, Ga. Since then, Trevor’s experience with worship has been far and wide. He has gained rich insight from the many different types of worship teams with which he has been involved. However, he admits that worshipping in a prayer room is his favorite. It is in this setting that he has experienced his most intimate moments with the Holy Spirit. He believes that those times are heavily reflective of King David’s worship style, and offer times of meditation and development of an inner prayer life. This is important to him because he knows that worship can usher God’s presence into a room because He responds to us as we respond to Him. Trevor shares that worship is simply an outward expression of an inward world. Trevor is currently youth and worship leader for Mulberry United Methodist Church in downtown Macon and has wedding plans for mid-December.

Jason Carr

Jason Carr

Awakening Fires Ministry

Jason Carr has led worship for the past twenty years. During this time, he has been worship leader at three different local churches and director of Macon House of Prayer where he worshipped 8-10 hours weekly. He has assisted in hosting an interdenominational worship conference in Warner Robins and participated in worship conferences in India. He founded East Gate Music Studio in 2016 with a few albums already produced and several more in production. He and his wife have recorded their own album and are currently working on their second. He and his family live in east Macon and are seeking to bring God’s presence to the hard places.

He is currently working to establish a house of prayer in east Macon in obedience to the call of God on his life to build an ark of faith, hope, and love. His heart is to raise up a generation of Davids, those that overflow with a heart of desire and passion for Jesus.

Blane Dunnam

Blane Dunnam

Awakening Fires

Blane Dunnam has been leading worship for seven years. Starting at a young age, he assisted his dad in his role as worship leader at Covenant Baptist Church and led worship at several youth groups around his home town. He went on his first traveling tour this past summer playing bass for “Rufus and the Bluebirds.” He recorded several original songs on a group album in 2016 and is currently working on his own album with his sister. He married his sweetheart this past November. He and his new wife often lead worship together. His heart for worship is to see a generation turned back to the Father.

That my glory may sing your praise and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!

Psalm 30:12

Who this is for

This is for worship leaders and musicians of all skill levels and experience. We will be equipping worshipers with the logistics and the ins and outs of worship leading in a variety of settings, while also teaching on what it means to embrace a lifestyle of worship.

What to expect

Renewal and clarity in your calling.

Receive tools fostering growth as a worship leader and musician.

Receive encouragement from others walking in a similar calling.

January 19-20, 2018

Friday 19

6pm – 8pm: Intoduction & Session 1

Saturday 20

9am – 11am: Session 2

11am – 12pm : Brekout Sessions

  1. Fostering Team Unity
  2. Team Dynamics/Understanding Your Role

12pm – 1pm: Lunch break

1pm – 3pm: Breakout Sessions

  1. How to lead a productive practice
  2. Songwriting

4pm – 5pm: Prophetic/Spontaneous Worship w/ Q&A

5:30pm: Dinner Together (provided)

6:15pm: Dinner Teaching

7pm – 9pm: Session 4


Awakening Fires Ministry

404 Church St. Macon, GA 31217



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Deadline: January 13

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