THE STANDARD  — To Church Leaders

You said the standard was too high?

Why?  You are a royal priesthood, a holy nation? More than a conqueror. Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Where did you go when the king said no? You ran to your mama. She said, “It’s okay, he doesn’t know my ways.  You’ll be okay. It is not a narrow way! You’re my baby. Just stay with me.  You are supposed to be free.  Let me tend your wounds. I can’t believe he is so mean.  Doesn’t he know your spirit is crushed. Why does he think you must really agree with God?  Doesn’t he know about grace?  He doesn’t feel loving.”

Got a question for you?  Do you want to repeat the thing you say you hate?  You are on the way — your family’s way.  Is that okay?  The standard was too high for them.  They settled again.  You wanna be one of them that missed the promise because this didn’t seem to match the love that we designed?

We ignored the judgment and told people about positive thinking, good feelings; forgetting that the dove convicts the world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment. The Word is repentance.  Make way for the King!


Agree with the Tree of Life and you will be free – but only by looking at the One that is cursed on the tree. There is no other way.

The knowledge of good and evil — the other tree — has led to the pity.  The perverted compassion. The redefining of love.  The redefining of God.  All the enemy had to do was make it about you. You lost the promise. Too hard for you.

Don’t feel sorry for the sorry. There is no excuse. He reversed the curse.

Men are made from pain not ease. The standard is Him. It leads to a life of brokenness, mourning, and disappointments. Share the pain. That’s the plan. Do you understand?

You discipline to prepare and prevent not to circumvent. We must go through. Going around leads to going around and around. This is settling for the standard — her norm.  If you will raise the bar, you… you raise the bar and then and only then will the resources and fruit meet you. You raise the bar. You are called to be a star! Why would you lower the bar?  Resistance will leave a scar.


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