By Sarah Tims

Without vision, we lead undisciplined, unfocused lives because there is nothing to attain. If we reach for something, we find that our resolve falls apart when waiting or difficulty is introduced. The reason is the same individually and corporately (team, family, ministry, etc.) This is a biblical principle; Proverbs 29:18 states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” and Luke 14:28-29 reminds us to prepare before we set our mind and use our resources on a project.

Shortly after graduating from college, I saw the fruit, the bad fruit, of not having vision but did not know what was at the root of the issue. Eventually, the Lord brought me back to Macon and settled me into the family of people found at the Redeeming Hope Center. I was so excited to have my prayers answered! I was back with old friends, making new ones, and began to let my heart & soul heal. In that excitement, I pushed aside that old question of “What am I doing and where am I going?”

Time went on, and I reached the age of 25; an accomplishment! Things in life were starting to get clearer, but I still had nothing long-term to run towards and prepare for. The next birthday came, and it dawned on me that I made no plans in life for getting past the age of 25. I had no vision of reaching 30, 50, 80, 99 years old, absolutely no idea of what that looked like for me personally. The hopes and dreams that I thought I could accomplish had been achieved and still I was undisciplined and confused on where I was headed.

So I began asking God again, “What’s ahead? What’s the plan You have for my life? What was I made to do? What are the skills and talents that You gave me and how are they best used?” I started saying again, “I need vision, I need a plan, I need something to focus on and run towards. What did You create me to do, God?” And the cool thing is that He answered! I started to hear His heart and dream with Him again and make gains in maturity and discipline.

Now, less than a year later, I have a more solid vision for the future than ever before. It’s amazing! In December, the Lord dropped in a foundational piece that was an answer to prayer. Then in May, the Lord started building on that foundation and the vision became clearer. Since then, I have been partnering with the Lord as He continues to refine me. This ongoing process of “keeping the vision before me” enables me, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to prepare for and run unhindered towards what is ahead. The further I go along the path with the Lord, the vision gets more defined and I am more refined. God is faithful to keep refining us so that we can fully be who He created us to be, and do the things He created us to do. If you find yourself without vision or without clarity, then ask the Lord and position yourself to listen and obey. He will surely answer.

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